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Xat's 8th EPIC Power: "NAMEGRAD" (ID 378)


Last night xat released the latest power , (seems to always be on Fridays again!) which caught many users by surprise when it turned out to be another EPIC power!

So, what is the 8th Epic power?

Well, let's just say that this was most likely influenced based on this suggestion a while ago, meaning the Admins are finally taking our view on board! -

The name of this new epic Power is called NAMEGRAD . It was announced on their @twitter that there was going to be a pre-release sale!

This power costs 10,000 xats. NOT LIMITED!

The price on Trade after the release increased greatly to around 13,000 - 14,000 xats. The demand was also quite significant.

Update: NAMEGRAD is now available in the Powers store to the public. The price still remains the same costing 10,000 xats.

IMPORTANT: In order to use this power , you must also purchase Namecolor and Nameglow + Allcolors. This means that to fully function this power you need to spend a total of 21,000 xats!

Now, what does this power do? Well, following up with (namecolor), you are able to add a 'gradient' to your name. Here are plenty of examples to show you:

So, what do you think?! Personally, my thought is mixed. On one hand it sounds really cool in theory, but realistically alot of these 'gradients' don't show up very well. I am in love with lemon and Jaydens one, though!

Also, because of this newest power, EVERYPOWER has increased to become a very expensive 310,000 - 320,000 xats. Man, how times change!

What colors would you try out? If you've bought this power, what were your thoughts on it? Be sure to leave a comment and share your views!

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