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Xat 'TRANSPORT' Power Release! (ID 351: Price 250 xats)


First off, I would like to apologise for the very-late post, unfortunately this may be more of a common thing in future, but we'll try to make sure that all posts are FULLY Detailed when they are published.

Last weekend we saw the new power TRANSPORT come onto xat, and it was another LIMITED Power!

The power was first released on Friday evening costing 250 xats. The price on TRADE after the release was around 270 - 300 xats.

On Saturday there was a Banner with an official countdown for the new power. Mixed quantites were released every 2-4 hours. Within each release, users were able to buy more of the Transport power.

The TRANSPORT power has stopped releasing. Many users were able to buy up to 50+ per release, and demand has dropped significantly. 

However, the price has not changed much. It is now currently 220 - 270 xats , but of course with less users wanting to buy it.

Once again, we apologise for not posting the TOTAL RELEASED of this new power. Any additional info. on this would be very much appreciated.

After seeing the GOLD power reach a staggering 58,000 - 59,000 xats, it looks like the price and demand will keep dropping.

Once again, 42 had released 50 GOLD Powers in Auction last weekend, with the final price being 55,250 xats.

After the AUCTION had ended, the price increased to become 55400 - 55700 xats , but demand was low. Today, however (friday 14th) the price has dropped to become 54,500 - 55,000 xats. 

Stay tuned for more information regarding next Weekends power! 

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